Los Angeles School Librarians  Association

Fall Social Fast Approaching
November 7, 2021

Our first planned social is fast approaching!  After being in a virtual environment for over a year and a half, it will be nice to get together with our LASLA colleagues.  Lunch is provided and there will be a raffle!  Woo!

Please check the LASLA Google Group for details and Evite.  Hope to see you there!

Fall Social - eVite screencap.png

Proposed Constitution &  By-laws  Pass!
September 30, 2021

After spending over 100 hours throughout the summer revising and updating the old Constitution and By-laws, and writing new Standing Rules, the CBSR Committee presented the proposal to the Association.  The CBSR passed with a 93% vote!  Thank you to the committee members who worked tirelessly to give LASLA a solid foundation to stand on: Tricia Churchill, Lori Broger-Mackey, Suzanne Osman, Sherri Whitham, and Dana Saavedra.

To view the Approved CBSR, click here or click on the Constitution & By-laws tab in the toolbar at the top of the page.

Teacher of the Year 2021
August 18, 2021

Blair Carroll

Robert A. Millikan Affiliated Charter and Performing Arts Magnet Middle School

Written by Kimberly Balala, ILTSS, Specialist


Blair has always been eager to support all students of LA Unified, not only the students at the school she serves, Robert A Millikan Affiliated Charter and Performing Arts Middle School.


During the initial months of the pandemic, Blair worked tirelessly to make that transition from the physical school library to a virtual school library. She created video tutorials on how to access various portals in an easy to follow, student-friendly way. When asked if ILTSS could post a link to the video on their webpage to share, she was more than happy to say yes. 


Recently, Blair was invited to collaborate with the

Parent Community Student Services Branch on a campaign to create awareness for our various digital library apps and databases, focusing on our e-book platforms, Sora and myON. The first call Blair shared the successes she has had with the annual Robert A Millikan Affiliated Charter and Performing Arts Middle School Family Literacy Night. She shared with the group, the success of the family literacy night and family participation. 


This past Spring Blair is co-facilitating with Dr. Susan David from Personalized Learning Systems in several professional developments sessions focused on those same digital library apps and databases to create awareness for the K-12 teachers. These PD sessions will inevitably support all students, not just Millikan students which is at the heart of all that Blair does. It’s about all students achieving, all students reading, all students becoming lifelong learners.

Well done, Blair!  We are so proud of you and how much work you have put into advocating for the Teacher Librarian Profession.

Weekly PD Workshops (postponed... for now)
August 13, 2021


Join us for weekly Professional Development meetings hosted on Zoom!

Each week covers different topics integral to the Teacher Librarian profession, as well as book talks, workshops on technology apps, and trainings on the various digital platforms we use daily. 


Please see the PD Workshops tab in the toolbar above for past workshops and check the Google Group for the link to attend the meetings.  Hope to see you soon!

Coming Soon:  TLs in the News.

One of our very own awesome Teacher Librarians was recently published in a journal!  Check back to read her article and her experience in the publishing process.