L   A   S   L   A

Professionals of the Los Angeles School Library Association have taught reading and research skills to generations of LA Youth.  Since 1914, through world wars, economic upheavals, and a transforming information landscape, LASLA members have opened young minds to endless possibilities.

Starting with Literacy

Youth of today must acquire a set of practical skills, starting with literacy.  Whether the goal is college, trade school, or career, every student must prepare to be a lifelong learner.  While building basic literacy, Teacher Librarians teach how to find, evaluate, and use information, enabling students to navigate the present-day labyrinth of information resources.


The school library is a model of inquiry based learning, differentiated instruction, and student engagement.  Critical thinking begins the moment a student walks through the door.  

Schools that are built around the needs of young people have at their heart a library, and a professional teacher librarian.  


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