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Graphic Novels & Manga in the   School Library

March 23, 2022

Way back in 2019, I attended the CSLA Southern Region Fall Workshop.  I was a new TL, enrolled in a masters program, and one of my class requirements was to attend workshops and write about them.  One workshop in particular stood out to me:  using graphic novels to drive instruction.  I was blown away by the information and took quick and copious notes.  I immediately purchased several of the titles the workshop presenter mentioned and squirreled them away so I could eventually add them to my library.  Whenever I was able, I found interesting, diverse, and relevant titles for my students to read.

Then, COVID hit and everything went on hold.  I changed schools, finished my program, and still had a pile of graphic novels and young adult fiction to add to my school's collection.  

I attended this year's CSLA virtual conference and attended all the workshops that focused on using graphic novels and manga in classrooms and in libraries.  Since I didn't know as much about manga, I was determined to learn more.  I started adding manga to my collection, and suddenly, titles like Demon Slayer , Naruto, and One Piece started flying off my shelves.  The circulation statistics for my library went up so high, it's rivaling past years by 500%.

Graphic novels and manga help students read!  The text is more sophisticated than people think, the accompanying pictures support critical thinking skills, and most of all, emerging readers and students learning English read them!  Win Win for all!


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